Meet the Team

James Holmes

James Henry Holmes is the founder and owner of Homes by Holmes.

Born and bred as a typical Yorkshireman, James started his journey into business as a market stall trader. Propelled by his family’s strong work ethic, James spent the last 20 years building an impressive portfolio that is now worth in excess of £20m in property developments.

Much of that success is down to his desire to build firm, genuine relationships with investors that go far beyond your typical senior team pleasantries. From taking on exciting reconstruction projects to the high levels of trust built between each person involved in the development process, James ensures there’s nothing superficial when working with Homes by Holmes.

Nikita Brookes


Nikita has been the creative powerhouse behind the Homes by Holmes operation for well over a decade now. From dealing with our social media to interior design and marketing, Nikita can be found looking for creative solutions within all areas of the business.

Here’s what Nikita has to say about working here:

“I have always had a creative mindset. Working for Homes by Holmes gives me the freedom to apply that creativity throughout all aspects of the company. That variation of work keeps it interesting and no two days are the same.

I think the one huge difference in working for Homes by Holmes is James’s unique drive and personality. He doesn’t really see constraints at all, and it means we can always find solutions to problems.”

Jane Rhodes

Accounts Office Manager

Since 2020, Jane has acted as the company heartbeat. Dealing with everything from accounts and payments to day-to-day administration and emails, Jane ensures the whole Homes by Holmes operation steadily keeps on ticking.

Here’s what she has to say about working for us:

I really enjoy my role here because it’s a friendly, personal and family-run business. As a team, we all know each other very well and will happily muck in together to get a job done.

As the head of the company, James is very hands-on when needed, and he has a very good understanding of each employee’s role. I think the key to our success and team spirit is that we are all very straight-talking people. At Homes by Holmes, honesty is key.

Simon Hazelwood


Simon is our ‘man with the plan.’ Since joining us in 2009, Simon has displayed an extraordinary ability to turn his hand to absolutely anything. His knowledge and network of the construction sector is second to none and has been at the heart of progressing all our developments for well over a decade.

Here’s what Simon says about Homes by Holmes:

“If there’s one thing I enjoy it’s solving problems. So, trying to ensure the whole Homes by Holmes development process runs smoothly is pretty much the ideal role for me.

The team are great and incredibly talented. Between my background in construction and James’ unique management skills, I don’t think there’s been a single issue that we haven’t been able to overcome in all these years.”

Susan Rigg

Property Manager

Joining us back in 2016, Sue has been at the forefront of maintaining our tenant relationships nationwide ever since. At Homes by Holmes we pride ourselves on our high occupancy rate and low tenants’ turnover. And much of that is down to Sue’s incredible management and people skills.

Here’s what Sue has to say about working with Homes by Holmes:

“I love working here because I can build genuine relationships with our tenants. In fact, I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know me by face or name. Being here is like a little family.

I’ve known James all his life and that family atmosphere carries itself around the rest of the business too. I really want us to be the biggest and best property company in the country and I think we have the staff to make that happen.”

Jamal Khan

Property Research Analyst

Although officially our Property Research Analyst, Jamal is better known as the All-Rounder. Along with seeking out and analysing the viability of new development opportunities, Jamal spends his day tackling various incoming challenges and building relationships with partners that ensure we achieve our goals together.

Here’s what he has to say about his time so far at Homes by Holmes:

Working for Homes by Holmes has given me the perfect opportunity to work with an experienced and successful developer like James. Working in the same office day-to-day means I can learn directly from him and the rest of the staff, which is great for my personal development aspirations.

And an interesting fact is that the office team have all run their own successful businesses in the past. So, you could say we’re an “office team of skilled entrepreneurs, now intrapreneurs.

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