Creating homes.
Changing lives.

300 Homes
35% Social Tenants

8 Year Average Tenancy Length

250,000 Sq. Ft. Property Portfolio

98% Occupancy Rate

Rents 37% less than average

115,000 Sq. Ft. Homes in Progress

Sustainable affordable regeneration for communities.

Homes by Holmes specialises in property development in Northern England with a focus on quality, sustainable and modern housing developments that add value and appeal to local communities.

As a large-scale property developer in Sheffield, Homes by Holmes is proud to partner with local councils, top architects, and engineering consultants to combat current housing shortages throughout the North.

We are currently working on a number of exciting housing development projects throughout Northern England. Our goal is to build safe, strong, connected, and vibrant communities for all people.

These new developments are constructed on carefully chosen sites, close to public transport and highly accessible to help reduce car dependency.

Find the property development portfolio of Homes by Holmes here:


The driving force behind our business is to deliver high-quality and affordable housing to people that improve standards of residential living.


We target tired commercial buildings and restore them to their full potential by maximising both accommodation offering and lifestyle options.

Serviced apartments.

By providing properties in prime locations, we can deliver quality accommodation on short-term contracts in appealing areas.