Creating homes.
Changing lives.

About Homes by Holmes

Homes by Holmes is a regeneration specialist turning commercial buildings into remarkable homes.

For the best part of two decades, Homes by Holmes founder, James Henry Holmes, has been delivering efficient, environmentally friendly housing projects to the benefit of local communities in the north of England.

Whether it’s full conversions, reconfigurations or new build projects, James’ mission has always been clear to him: create homes, change lives.

To ensure that happens, Homes by Holmes continue to find creative ways of getting the most from tired real estate by turning it into quality accommodation that also improves the aesthetic appeal of local areas.

And by developing such fantastic places to live, James is making sure that families and residents in local areas can access living spaces they’re truly proud to call home.

Take a look at our Homes by Holmes development portfolio to find out more about our work.

Developing Property with Homes by Holmes

At Homes by Holmes, we firmly believe in the old saying “home is where the heart is.” And where there’s a home there’s family.
Since 2007, we’ve made it our business to reinvigorate towns in the UK’s northern regions by investing in and developing properties to the benefit of residents in the heart of local communities.
We’ve created affordable family homes, stunning apartments for young professionals and outstanding new builds – all with the aim of giving people the chance to find living spaces they can fall in love with.

Here’s what property development with Homes by Holmes looks like:


The driving force behind our business is to deliver high-quality and affordable housing to people that improve standards of residential living.


We target tired commercial buildings and restore them to their full potential by maximising both accommodation offering and lifestyle options.

Serviced apartments.

By providing remarkable properties in prime locations, we can deliver excellent quality accommodation on short-term contracts in appealing areas of the town.
Find the property development portfolio of Homes by Holmes here:

Investing in Property Development with Homes by Holmes

The success and continued growth of Homes by Holmes can be boiled down to two things: hard work and sound financial judgement.

Since forming the company in 2007, James Holmes has overseen investments in building development projects reach in excess of over £40m.

These projects have led to the creation of hundreds of affordable new apartments, flats and homes for residents in the north of England.

And to ensure we keep developing new homes we’re looking for loans of £3-15 million over 12-24 month terms.

These investments help us complete major renovation works on already secured buildings and guarantee exciting new living spaces for residents in northern communities.

Find out more about how you can invest in property development with Homes by Holmes by looking through our investments page.


James Holmes

James Henry Holmes is the founder and owner of Homes by Holmes.

Born and bred as a typical Yorkshireman, James started his journey into business as a market stall trader. Propelled by his family’s strong work ethic, James spent the last 20 years building an impressive portfolio that is now worth in excess of £20m in property developments.

Much of that success is down to his desire to build firm, genuine relationships with investors that go far beyond your typical senior team pleasantries. From taking on exciting reconstruction projects to the high levels of trust built between each person involved in the development process, James ensures there’s nothing superficial when working with Homes by Holmes.

He treats his colleagues very much like family. And working with James can feel more like a social gathering between close friends than a typical meeting.

In fact, James places such high value on his team he built his office right next door to his forever home, keeping him closely connected with the people he loves while developing new places to live for others.

It’s this genuine approach to management and property development that’s helped James secure investments in excess of £40m, creating new houses and retail units across five counties.
His route into development began in 2001 when he invested in the refurbishment of several leased retail units for his beauty salon business. Inspired by that success, James entered the property development market after taking a run-down bungalow and transforming it into a four-bedroom home.

Following the completion of the project, He realised first-hand the positive impact quality homes deliver to local families. James was soon inspired to direct all of his energy into creating well-appointed homes from disused buildings and set up Homes by Holmes in 2007.

Now, two decades on from developing those retail units into a network of Sunkiss Tanning and Nail centres, James Holmes has built a bold portfolio of over 400 quality rentals, including apartments, new builds and full reconstructions across five counties.
Although that may seem like a lot, James Henry Holmes’ ongoing desire to transform towns and improve the lives of local communities means his work has only just begun.