Investing in Property Development with Homes by Holmes

Homes by Holmes is a Regeneration Specialist working with investors to create affordable homes for families, couples and professionals living in the UK.
We purchase commercial buildings and land and transform them into high-quality modern apartments and homes to rent – all while delivering excellent returns for investors.

Since Homes by Holmes was formed in 2007, we’ve overseen major refurbishments and full-scale reconstruction projects reach in excess £40m.

And to continue our job of developing affordable housing options for residents in the North of England, we’re interested in working with ambitious investors to get involved with our vision.

We’re looking at loans of £3-15 million across 12 -24 months terms to help us complete renovations on already secured buildings.

So, if you’re searching for a reliable way to make your money grow then property investment is a great option. Here are five good reasons why you should talk to Homes by Holmes today:
All loaned funds include attractive returns of 10% pa
1st charge security is provided on unencumbered assets
Planning approval is always obtained before investment is needed
All invested funds are used on the building’s development works
Your investments will ease housing issues and positively impact local communities

Investing in Property Made Easy

Since the financial crisis of 2008, banks have been increasingly reluctant to lend to SME’s and property developers, making it harder to keep up with the UK’s increasing demand for new houses.

And with bank interest rates now through the floor, money in the bank no longer brings the financial rewards of yesteryear – making property investment one of the most attractive and rewarding ways of seeing solid returns on investment funds.

Rather than leaving funds to stagnate in low interest accounts, high net worth investors have stepped in to help meet the Government’s target of building 300,000 homes per year by investing in property development projects throughout England.

Moreover, this approach means that funds are readily available, offering greater flexibility in the initial purchasing of property and throughout the development phase. This ultimately speeds up the process of building new homes for local communities.

Get in touch with us for a chat about investing with Homes by Holmes.

Take a look through our property development portfolio to find examples of our work.

Helping to Solve the Housing Shortage Dilemma the Right Way

Property development isn’t all about pounds and percentages. In fact, the numbers we care for most are those of the people we’ve helped find a place to call home.

But unfortunately for the ever-growing population of England and the UK, it’s getting harder and harder for families and young professionals to find affordable, high-quality housing.

According to the BBC, the UK is suffering from an estimated shortage of 1.2 million homes during a time when banks are reluctant to lend funds to property developers.

So, to help achieve the Government’s target of building 300,000 new homes a year, private investors are stepping in to help bridge the funding gap.

Not only are investors in a position to receive good returns, the investments are crucial to solving the UK’s housing crisis.

Our method allows us to produce homes quicker and more cost effectively than new builds, without planning risk and with lower building risk.

In return, we can offer larger apartments for more affordable rents, resulting in lower tenant turnover and great gains on investment funds.

Furthermore, by recycling buildings rather than demolish and reconstructing, we vastly reduce the environmental impact of producing each new home.

This coupled with high levels of insulation and other energy saving systems we mean we do everything possible to ensure our carbon footprint remains low.

Homes by Holmes isn’t just focused on big finances – we’re committed to creating new homes which improve lives of residents and securing a better future for everyone.

So, if you or someone in your network is wanting to invest then we’d love to hear from you. We can even pay you an introducer fee for a successful introduction. Get in touch today.