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Changing Lives.

About Homes by Holmes

Homes by Holmes founder James Henry Holmes has been working with local councils, public agencies, land-owners, celebrated designers and highly accomplished tradespeople to deliver efficient, environmentally-friendly housing projects for over 20 years.

By developing such fantastic places to live, James is making sure that residents in local areas can access living spaces they’re truly proud to call home.

James’ mission has always been clear to him: create homes, change lives.

To that end, Homes by Holmes continue to find creative ways of getting the most from tired buildings & land by turning it into quality accommodation that also improves the aesthetic appeal of local areas.

By developing such fantastic places to live, James is making sure that residents in local areas can access living spaces they’re truly proud to call home.

James started his journey into business as a market stall trader. Propelled by his family’s strong work ethic, James spent the last 20 years building an impressive portfolio that is now worth in excess of £40m in property developments.

Much of that success is down to his desire to build firm, genuine relationships with investors that go far beyond your typical senior team pleasantries. From taking on exciting reconstruction projects to the high levels of trust built between each person involved in the development process, James ensures there’s nothing superficial when working with Homes by Holmes.

It’s this genuine approach that’s helped James secure investments to create 400 quality rentals, including apartments, new builds and full reconstructions across five counties in the north of England.

Although that may seem like a lot, James Henry Holmes’ ongoing desire to transform towns with his “people first” philosophy means his work has only just begun.

Social Responsibility

We believe that actions speak louder than words. We have been – and will continue to work at – creating beautiful homes that anyone can access for over 20 years now. And we do mean anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

We don’t run credit checks, our rents are 37% lower than the national average (outside of London), and we work with local councils to find homes for some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Just take a look at our social housing statistics:

Percentage of Social Tenancies in Our Developments






Building a better society

Our focus on improving lives doesn’t start and end at housing. We’re always looking for ways to encourage positive changes in society at large. James and the team regularly get involved in raising money for charities, supporting local businesses, and providing opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

A platform for artists

We believe that art is food for the soul. To that end, we give local artists & makers the opportunity to make a massive impact on our developments. We run competitions that allow our creative neighbours to design and paint murals on the sides of our buildings.

These competitions allow our properties to get a fresh coat of paint while providing a platform for undiscovered talent – and creating an exciting new piece of art for the whole area to enjoy.

A sustainable future

It’s important to us that we leave a place better than we found it. From our redevelopment projects to our new builds, we try our hardest to make the more environmentally friendly choice at every step of the process.

Our Projects

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