Taking the old,
Making it new

Our regeneration projects aren’t just fantastic for revitalising old landmarks – when we transform a disused space rather than tearing it down, we save the costs of building from scratch:

That’s 50 tonnes of CO2 per new-built house, 44 mature trees for every 2600 sq ft. built, and countless gallons of water used in cement mixing alone.

In building our new estates we’re aiming to reach carbon neutral by 2030 – in the mean time, we’re planting new trees all the time, and using locally sourced materials & labour wherever possible to reduce travel emissions.

These new neighbourhoods are constructed on carefully chosen brownfield land, close to public transport and highly accessible to help reduce car dependency.

Breathing life into old buildings

By taking old, disused buildings and bringing them into the 21st century, we save the pollution and waste that comes with unecessary new builds while revitalising the areas that need it most. We turn waste buildings into well-connected and beautiful homes for the community.

Often, these buildings have been empty and neglected for years – becoming an eyesore for neighbours and visitors alike. We aim to transform them into something beautiful, so it’s not just our residents who benefit.

Zeroing in on Net Zero

We take our corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to reach net zero emissions on all of our construction projects by 2030. This means implementing even more sustainable construction techniques & materials, installing more efficient heating, plumbing and electric systems.

We also aim to incorporate futureproof renewable power sources such as wind and solar from the very first design stages, in addition to sourcing state-of-the-art insulating materials. Our goal is to create homes that are as eco-friendly as possible; from super energy-efficient appliances to preinstalled electric vehicle chargers as standard.

Building for the community, with the community

At Homes by Holmes, we are deeply committed to hiring people who live in the area. This practice helps not only our workers but the economy, adding money back into local shops and services and giving people a chance to start their careers in construction.

Our commitment to buying materials & hiring labour and machinery locally also greatly reduces emissions from travel and transportion. We believe that every little helps on the way to net zero, and travel is more than just a small portion of the average emissions from construction sites.

Growing community with green spaces

Our new estates are designed to revitalise the wasteland they’re built on. This means planting hundreds of trees and plants, encouraging biodiversity to flourish & creating green spaces in which our residents can connect with nature and each other.

From the very first stages of development we stress the importance of including parks, foliage, flowers – natural beauty. This also attracts and provides shelter for all the local wildlife; from hedgehogs to bees, birds to humans – we believe everyone deserves a place to call home!

Sustainability and design, combined

When we fix up an old building, we fix it up well. This starts with upgrading original design features with modern, eco-friendly technology. We futureproof classic buildings with improved insulation, updated heating systems, and more energy efficient appliances – all while keeping the soul of the original building.

In our commitment to working this way, we ensure that the property fits in seamlessly with the surrounding area. It’s important to us that our projects can exist harmoniously with both the people and architecture of the community.

Our Sustainable Redevelopment Projects

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